Houston Horse Trails
Spring Creek, Cypress Creek, San Jacinto River, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport




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My Olympus digital C-3020 zoom camera can also take movies, although they don't have sound. I also have a Panasonic video camera which does include sound. This page presents some of these movies. Since each file is well over a megabyte, a high- speed Internet connection may be needed for best viewing. Most videos are in the Apple Quicktime format. You'll need a free player available from here in order to view them.

Videos 3, 4 & 5 were taken during a group ride hosted by my friend, Darolyn Butler, on October 2, 2004. This is that group when they are not on the move. You might notice that all be one of the riders in this photo is female. Throughout this web site, most of the photos are of women riding.  Riding horses like this is a great way to meet women. Overall, I'd estimate that 4 or 5 women ride trails to each man. Pretty good ratio if you are a guy interested in meeting women. Oddly enough though, I met my current girlfriend on the Internet.


At least on my computer, the whole file must load before the video starts. I indicate the file size below. You might try right clicking and opening the video in a new window and letting it load in the background while you do other things.

Video #1 shows me on my horse, Jackie, galloping through shallow water. Since this is my web site, I get top billing (2 meg).

Video #2 show Pam, my #1 riding buddy, going through the same water on Jackie (2 Meg).

Video #3 shows the group above crossing Spring Creek (12 meg).

Video #4 shows the group coming over a sand dune (6 meg).

Video #5 shows us riding through Old Town Spring. We ride up to Old Town Spring for lunch and to show off. Since so few people actually ride horse out on the roads and streets, riding down a street like this is a big event (8 meg).

Video #6 shows my horse Holly on a pile of dirt next to the terminal area of the airport on 20011231, New Years Eve. The taxiing aircraft are actually passing below us. This proves that I have ridden my horse above operating aircraft. While I didn't fasten my seat belt and I didn't turn off my portable electronic equipment, I also didn't get any frequent flyer miles (1 Meg).  

Video #7 shows Pam DeMerchant riding Gus around me in a circle at a trot and canter. Normally Pam doesn't ride circles around me, but this time she did (11 meg).

Video #8 shows Jackie and me jumping over a log on May 24, 2003 (1.7meg).

Video #9 gives you the rider's-eye view when cantering on a horse. People who haven't ridden horses often comment that the horse does all the work and the rider is just along for the ride. You can see in this video how the horse is vigorously working to run through the sand while the camera is relatively steady. That is because my legs and torso absorb most of the shock and jarring of the horse's motion. Smoothing out the vigorous energy of the horse takes a large amount of effort. That is one reason why horseback riding is a physically demanding sport (8 Meg).   

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